Friday 9 December 2011

Chrome Crash

Ack! Chrome crashed and didn't ask me if I wanted to restore when it came back (as it updated itself?)

Maybe not a problem if you have a few tabs open - but I'm a tab-aholic; I have 15 windows open, each with an average of 10 tabs. You try remembering what all those 150 tabs were!

Anyway, after a lot of google searching (who would have thought that "chrome restore session" & "chrome has lost my last session" would not turn up useful tips), I finally stumbled upon - it saved my life (well, session at least)

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  1. Just a note here: I use your date picker and for some reason, on Mint Cinnamon, Firefox 26.0, I cannot alter the date strings from the dialog. I can work around this by changing the values directly in "about:config" So that makes me happy. Anyway, thought you'd like to know.